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Thailand / Bangkok Gun Shooting Range

Many of you may think Hawaii or Guam is famous for Shooting Gun Range, but here in Thailand can also be heaven for Shooting Gun lovers.  Since we secured a special cooperation with the Thai Royal Police in Bangkok, we offer a wide selection of Guns which are all fairly new guns, and by utilizing their shooting range, we guarantee your maximum safety.  Along with our pleasant service we offer a reasonable satisfying low cost price!  We offer a variety of packages for the first time shooters to experienced serious shooters looking to try something different.  Please come check us out and experience the best shooting range in Bangkok!

Our large shooting range is distance of 25 meters with a capacity that will fit more than 20 people to shoot all at once.  A policeman will be present to instruct you at all times, so even a group of first timers, women or elderly may enjoy a safe and a pleasant shooting.  And for serious shooters who wish to skill-up their shooting techniques and score-up their shooting ability, a well-trained officer may instruct you individually if requested. 

Your target may be placed as near as 7 to 9 meters for beginners, 15 meters for intermediate and advanced shooters may set target over 20 meters.  From changing guns to exchanging targets will be handled by the staff so you may concentrate only on your shooting.  We also have an air-conditioned resting room with cold beverages prepared so even your accompanying person may enjoy a pleasant stay.

We have a wide variation of Gun selections; women usually favor S&W or Colt 38 cal. Revolver (38 Special), and a recoil reduction guns like Remington 22 cal. Automatic Rifle and Beretta M92 which often appears on TV and movies are both popular for men and women.  A non-metal type Glock handgun series like S&W Automatic, a sharp recoil 9mm Automatic handguns are always popular for anyone, and for serious shooters may enjoy hard puncher 45 cal. Colt Government, S&W, 12- Gauge pump action Shotguns and we have more! 

Like in most shooting range for tourist where old guns are often provided, we DO NOT use old guns which internal barrel has worn out that eventually lead to poor shooting performances.  We proudly offer guns that are mostly new or fairly new guns !  In addition, many shooting range uses recycled bullets or reload ammunition for gun selections like 9mm, 45 cal., 22 cal., 12Ga Shotgun.  We, on the contrary, neglect to use reload ammunition and only stick by factory loaded ammo for these ammo for maximum satisfaction!

On the left: Policeman as an Instructor                         A woman shooting 

S&W 38 cal. Revolver:  Wood-made grip with a 3 inch Barrel is a best match.
Target will be placed by the staff from a distance 7 to 25 meters according to your request

38 cal. S&W Revolve with 4 inch Barrel

     Colt 45 cal. Government Automatic Silver Model

Sig 45 cal. Automatic

S&W 38 cal. 4 inch(20M)    Colt Government 45 cal. (20M)  Beretta M92 F9mm (20M)

Remington Shotgun #12 (25M)

We also offer these additional FREE service     
- A cold water will be provided!

Fees and Package Prices

Basic plan price start from 3,300 baht~(30bullets)

* Our Basic Plan includes the following: Rental fee for both Guns and the Shooting range, Instructor fee, Ear protector rental fee, Target and will include all the bullets stated above.

We offer many options and set menu.

enjoy your shooting!!